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As the creation of recent systems and strategies form about, winning the lottery can just be an arms reach away!

Even though receiving the big jackpot is the dream for all, few will get close. It’s up to you to figure out the information needed to achieve this goal.

Luckily, with the help of LogicLottery & Lotto Guru Jason, you can learn how to win the lottery with these strategies and tips – which can be used to directly improve your odds at winning the big money.

Using Software to Help Win the Jackpot

lotto software banner pageIt’s great, fast and works well. That is, using lottery software to give you an edge against other players. As always, winning the big windfall can’t be guaranteed, though certainly winning can be guaranteed.

Most lotto software and books that give a detailed layout and guide on winning with extra tools. These tools are the important things.

What the tools do is keep track of played numbers and numbers that win frequently.

So instead of having to write every number played and every number combination that won, and calculated winning/loss ratio manually, computer software can finally aid you in this process tremendously. We won’t recommend our secret software, but we can recommend any software that can keep track of numbers and winning combinations.

We have found overtime these software’s can improve your chances a lot and should be using starting now.

Really, How Winning the Lotto Can be Guaranteed?

Like we said above, it is entirely possible to guarantee a shot at winning the lottery 100%. How’s that done? By investing a lot of money.

Take a look at this, what if you can buy every possible combination? Is that legal, possible? Sure. And it’s being done today.

What this means is that those who just take a shot in the dark, are basically throwing money at those who have an edge in the game. This is why we stress having an edge, because if you don’t you are just a chicken with its head cut off running around with money falling out of your pockets.

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If you don’t want to take the time and learn the secrets and tips from the Pro’s, (it’s okay, LotteryGuru Jason won’t be offended, he just ask that you donate after winning) then to guarantee a shot at winning the lotto you need a collection of investments totaling around 22 million dollars.

Now, this may be a lot to sum, but think about it, most Business deals you hear on the news range to around 1 billion. 22 million is nothing.

So, why do you need this money upfront?

You may have guessed it already, this money will be used to purchase every single combination there is. A process called Number wheeling.

This method can only be used a handful of times a year because in order to profit off the 22 million dollar investment you need the lottery pool to be quite large.

Obviously for lotto pools that have 100+ numbers to choose from, in addition to powerball numbers, the required investment is much larger for those type of games and probably aren’t worth it.

What if We don’t Have Millions to Invest

It’s still very much possible to profit off playing the lottery without throwing millions at the game. Luckily they’re a few choices that can be done to maximize your chances with little to no investment.

#1 Build A Lottery Syndicate

No this isn’t some underground syndicate that you will build, but instead a legal Lotto winning syndicate that can be used to pool large sums of money together to throw at the lotto.

Starting a syndicate can be quite difficult in the beginning but requires little upkeep and is simple to maintain.

play together lotto syndicate banner

Basically, in order to win a large amount and make profit, you would take investments from people, businesses, etc. First making sure you meet all local and state requirements and regulations.

After, you would then market your new syndicate. How it works is simple, receive investments, buy the lottery tickets, split profits proportional.

This can lead to a huge increase in wealth and with large sums of money, can guarantee winnings.

#2 Read Books and Invest in Other Methods

If the above seems too complicated or not up your alley, no problem. This strategy can be 100% free and entirely up to you on how fast your can increase your odds.

We strongly recommend picking a few books at the local library regarding, Stats & Numbers, Misc Lottery Books. Most library’s carry these books.

Best part is that its free and you can get started very quickly. (Click Here to Receive your Winning Guide Now!)

tips and strategies book

Another option is investing or finding free lottery ebooks. These are books available online in digital format.

Some ebooks have great information, other’s don’t. Be sure to read appropriate reviews about the eBook and author, before investing time and money on them.

To Conclude

Since you have gotten this far, it’s almost certain you have what it takes to increase your chances at winning. We have given great information, tips and tricks that can be used to give you an edge in this high stakes game. Remember, only invest money of which you can lose, and reinvest profits into systems, books, that give you great interest.

Overtime, by learning, playing and gaining overall experience, you can be a Lottery Winning Pro


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