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Choosing your lucky numbers can be a challenge. Thousands of players search their most favorite numbers to play and win! Learning the best numbers to play the lottery will be beneficial to winning the jackpot. It is not about random chances, but luck! Here is how you can find your daily lucky lotto numbers fast!

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The Luckiest Lottery Numbers

By using certain strategies to win the lottery, you can increase your odds at winning. For instance, many winners have expressed they used their birthdays, favorite number, or street address numbers to win. That is actually a very good way.

The reason is because the statistics say, every time you play a set of numbers and it does not win, your odds at winning next time increase. Eventually your set of number will be picked. This is a great secret on how to win the lottery using the best lucky lottery numbers you like to play.

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Most Picked Lucky Lotto Numbers

As we know using the most picked lottery numbers to play can be a good way to win the jackpot. However, not all sets of numbers are the same. See below what we found are to be the most picked Powerball and Megamillions lottery numbers that are considered lucky to play.

Best Daily Lucky Numbers

  • 28 & 331.32% chance at winning
  • 4, 21, & 71.012% chance at winning
  • 5, 2, 18, & 471.0111% chance at winning
  • 39, 44, 1, 32, 15, & 80.088% chance at winning

Above are the best daily lucky numbers to play that give a likely increase in chances of winning the lottery. This is a result of them being chosen the most amount of times. Therefore, in the future it is likely these numbers will be chosen once again.

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What Numbers Not to Play?

Most of the time, playing a random set of numbers like the quick pick can lead to good success. Moreover, many winners happen because of a software generated numbers. Most of the time, players are unaware that there are considered unlucky numbers. This is because they are the less likely to be chosen. Here are the worse likely numbers to come up during the lottery.

The “Unlucky” Numbers

  • 51,55,46,65, & 23less than .4% chance

Those are the worse numbers to play when wanting to play the lottery. They are the less likely numbers to be chosen. It isn’t a good idea to play those numbers, unless they mean a lot to you.

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