Top Strategies to Win at Lottery Scratch Offs

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Finding the top winning lottery scratch off is a very rare occurrence. Figuring out the strategy to win at lottery scratch offs, requires dedication and deep analysis. Because lottery scratch offs aren’t considered a game of skill, the only way to increase your chances at winning, is by having an “edge” over the other players.

Today we will be telling you the best strategies to provide you an edge over other players. That way you can increase your odds at winning instantly!

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1. Buy Scratch Offs With Grand Prize Still Available

Some lottery scratch offs have their grand prizes already claimed. If this is the case, then your odds of winning big from the specific game diminishes greatly.

Therefore, check the scratch off lotteries grand prize and make sure it is still up for winning. If not, it may be best to pick another game.

2. Calculate Winnings Logically

You can calculate your chances at winning for each scratch off game because most odds are legally required to be listed. And since the odds are listed, you can mathematically increase your chances at winning.

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For example, if 60% of lottery scratch off tickets have been sold for your game, and only 20% of the prizes have been claimed, your odds of winning for that game is big.

So chose the game with the best odds in your favor. If you played a lottery scratch off game that had 40% tickets sold and 60% of the prizes claimed, the odds of winning is low. As a result, the game probably should be skipped.

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3. Buy The Same Lottery Scratch Off Roll

When you buy a lottery scratcher, it is best to buy into the same game, every time. This is because, if you don’t win, the more likely you will win on the next ticket. This is a result of their being a limited supply, and as each ticket gets played, the more likely a prize will be won. Maximize your results at winning lottery scratch offs, by buying the same game each time.

In fact, if you buy 10 tickets in row, it is almost guaranteed that you will win at least one ticket. Maybe two and sometimes even 3 tickets can be a winner. Try it out, let us know what you come up with!

Increase the chances to win at lottery scratch off tickets.
Increase the chances to win at lottery scratch off tickets.
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